Gifts, Cards and Messages for Fathers day

Gift ideas for fathers day

Fathers day is celebrated on third Sunday of June in mostly each and every country.
Fathers day this year is on June 19th 2016
On Fathers day everyone wish there father, thank and honor them for all the love ,care,support and blessings a father gives.
Children presents their fathers gifts and cards and also celebrate this special occassion.
What gift to present is the first questions that comes in the mind ?
Here are some gifts ideas lists :
Personalized Mugs
Greeting cards
Gift cards
Photo frame
Digital photoframe
Bow tie
Golf sets or golf tees
Gym Membership
Club Membership
Best Father Bracelet
Sports gear
Sports clothing
Cocktail Mixer
Holiday Vouchers
Mobile phones
Musical cds/subscription
Wristband- like fitbit,apple watches,Microsoft bands
Lunch/Dinner Vouchers
Speakers and headphones
Spa vouchers
Art piece
For preschoolers- hand printed post cards

Cameras - GoPro , Camcorder, DSLR, Record Drive
DIY stuff such as tools from HomeDepot, Lowes
Set of DVD movies
Grill for barbecue if your father like it
XBOX, PS4 or Video games
Lawn mower, gardening quipment
Drill machine, tool set, garden tools
Car devices such as bacup camera
Tent and camping equipment
Vacation package fr June July

Messages, Wishes for fathers day

As I grow older, i realize the role you play in shaping my personality. Your love, care helped me grow. I wish I can be father like you.
Dad- I always pray and hope - God will make me kind of person you are.
Dad - You holds a special place in my heart. Happy Fathers day! I love you Dad!
Your love shows as every interaction with your children.
Pappa - You taught us to be confident, compassionate , loving and caring. You are most important person to develop me, building my self-esteem. You made me proud.
Thanks for being a wonderful father, You give our children someone to admire, respect, and honor.
Dear Dad - The love and passion you have shown us - is source of my happiness and self esteem
On the Fathers day, I want to let you know - You are full of love, compassion. When we need a strong hand of support in our family, you are always there.
As a father you have mold and shape our kids personaility in a wonderful way
Thanks for providing me - your time, compassion and love. I am lucky to have father like you.

When is next father's day

In year 2016 Fathers day is on June 19.